Saturday, March 19

I Love You and Me :)

Hye hye hye ,
i cant sleep lah . aish , so ngadap blog kejap laa kankan . btw , esok aku daa kene pulang ke hostel lah . double sadness sebab aku selalu homesick , kantoi . haha its a factual words tau . ngaku j laa . aku memang cpat rndu umaa laaa . tataulaa napee . esok aku balek ngn dak lin , tinggalkan sumee utk perfect score for spm . Awwww , i like that word . PERFECT SCORE ;)

what about me that you DON'T even think :

i miss my crying shoulder . i love to cry lah :) what ?! hey hey , crying is the best cure ever you know . especially girls , right ? Cry until you saw EYEBAGS ! HAHA

I love roses . Surprise ? Haha ignore than . I just love it . The sense of it . And of cause , the meant of every colour it presents :)
Thank Allah for created this special beauty !
I love books , no doubt :)

Green environment , i am an earth protector :) i love all campaign and programmes that support solving world's nature problems . EARTH HOUR ;D

I love peace , relaxes air blow sense . just you and nature :) PERFECT !

No no no ! Not panic , its panik . Haha confused you , i like ;D

I love shoes , and i cant stop thinking bout it every single time i need it ;D

Ouh yeah , this little notes maked every single human changes . I love money for reason lah ! Haha money is needed but needed is not money :)

Leave me a note every single seconds and i will love you . Haha no way ! I love his notes , admire the beauty of speeches :)

I love rabbits , arghhh ! They just like my teeth . Haha gigi rabbit , i admit ;)

Gifts , sume orang pun lah -,-

I love my girlfriend :) This beautiful sparks my life !

I addicted to ribbons !

 I love to write ! Believe me , i write faster than you thought :)

Bedroom , most private calm place where i love to stayed in :)

I love shopping ! Dont asked why -,-

too many to share , until now okey . I got the sence of sleeping already . Haha . Keep reading , guys ! Toodles :)

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